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    Cerebritis: It is inflammation of cerebrum which is a part pf brain doing very important functions like memory, speech, vision, and hearing and motor functions like muscle control and body movements. Inflammation occurs due to dissemination of bacteria from other sites of body like complicated bacterial and fungal infections, as in pneumonia or occurs as a part of autoimmune disorders like systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE.

    Symptoms of celebrities are variable and range according to degree of damage and part of brain involved usually there is confusion, headache, speech problems, numbness and weakness in one or both sides of body.

    Sometimes facial palsy is present, loss of balance and motor incoodination is also present, if inflammation is extensive it can compress the brain structures or increase intracranial pressure, symptoms of primary disease can also be present like rashes on face and bridge of nose.

    CT makes diagnosis and MRI scans of brain. Treatment is only supportive, diagnosis is very important because different causes require antibiotics treat different treatment like bacterial pneumonia, immunosuppressive drugs are recommended in SLE. Prompt medical admission and intensive care should be given to patient to prevent permanent brain damage.

    Cerebritis Treatment In Hindi

    Is condition mein dimagh ka tinon pardon ya do pardon mein waram hojata hai.

    Garmi ki shiddat, dimagh mein chot lagna, dimagh ka barh jana khopri ya sar par chot ana kasrat say sharab khori aur atishk waghairah say dimagh kay pardon mein infection hotihai.

    Clinical Features
    Mariz ko sar dard rehta hai ghunudgi aur susti rehti hai ankhon ki putliyan sukar jati hain bukhar hojata hai qabz hoti hai aur mariz ko paishab ruk ruk kar aur bohot kam ata hai jisam kay aza mein tashannuj say isay behoshi hojati hai mariz behosh para rehta hai woh zaban say alfaz ada nahin karsakta.


    Duxil goliyan mariz ko aik subha aur aik sham ko dain mariz ko anti biotics dain.

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