What The Bible Says About Muhammad...

Abu Hafsat

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Peace to one and all,
May I have the pleasure of sharing with you the attached 2 files as follows:--

(1) 'What The Bible Says about Muhammad', by the Late Sheikh Ahmad Deedat. The unadulterated
Bible or Injil came with clear signs and tidings of the coming of Sayyadina Muhammad, peace be
upon him,
as the last Messenger of Almighty God. Examine this booklet and see how it is
logically unwise for a christian to disbelieve in this Noble Messenger of God.

(2) 'Trinity is Not Biblical', by Jalal Abualrub. The central theme of trinity in Christianity was never
in the Bible... it was forced into Christianity by Emperor
Constantine in 325 C.E

I will invite you, especially where one is a practicing Christian, to open these 2 files and objectively peruse/study them. Who knows, there might be some re-evaluation of thought??
Best Wishes.