Psca Starts Motorists E-challan Defaulting On Fines



Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) launched the drive against the motorists and motorcyclists for defaulting on fines, which are imposed through the e-challan as these motorists are involved for the violation of traffic rules in Lahore.

PSCA has started the e-challan hold up in order to recover the fines, which are imposed on the motorists and motorcyclists for the violation of the traffic rules through e-challan system, which is initiated by authority in September. PSCA Starts Motorists E-Challan Defaulting on Fines.

The defaulting motorist and motorcyclists will be identified and they will be traced through the CCTV cameras being installed by the Safe City. Now the defaulters would be stopped and their vehicles would be confiscated till the payment of the challan for their vehicles.

The actions against defaulters would be taken on the important roads and thoroughfares and roads of city, which are monitored by traffic police. The E-Challan system was in operation in Lahore on 24 September 2018 after undergoing the successful trial run.

The electronic system of E-challan records the traffic related violations and it produces the challan with complete and necessary details with the pictures of the violation, place and number plate and they are taken through CCTV cameras, which are installed in the city. PSCA Starts Motorists E-Challan Defaulting on Fines. The challan is sent to the offender through the courier service. These challans will feature the suitable deadline for the payment of fine to give maximum convenience of the motorists.

The Punjab Police and Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) made the collaboration in order to develop this system. The database will record the previous records about the offender. If the person is found violating traffic rules, Punjab Police will be authorized to lock down their vehicles and the violators will have to pay their due challans. It is reported that five thousand E-challans are being issued in Lahore on daily basis.