A Complete Method Of Making Urdu Image Poetry


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Feb 12, 2012
Asalam-o-alaikum Wrwb!
umeed hain k aap sub theek honge, in sha Allah :)
After a long time Iam here to present a new photoshop tutorial with the most simple method for All, jho probably most of members same ek tutorial k talash mei honge jeske zerye voh apnay lie ba asani koi simple sa urdu image poetry bana sake.

first thing jho image poetry k lie mind mei rakhna hain while searching for the image, yaad rahe k aapka image on the topic means related to your poetry or Qoute hone chahye, this is the exact thing which attracts the readers and it becomes the reason of admiration for your design and choice. :)

Humare paas yeh 2 images hai and saath mei beneath poetry bhi hain jeska image poetry design bana ne hain and ofcourse design ko bana ne se pahlay uske lie aapke desired images mei kaun kaun se effects apply kerna have a look!

ik dil ka dard tha k rha zindagi k saath​
Ik dil ka chain hay k sada dhundhtey rhey​
Aasan nhi kashmaksh-e-zaat ka safar​
hay Aag'hi k baad gham-e-Aag'hi bohat​
Ajeeb khauf hay mujey andar ki khamoshi ka​
k raaston se guzarti hun gungunatey huye​


* Open your image in photoshop Program.View attachment 56162

* TOOL BOX mei aap Patch Tool per click kare,

View attachment 56163

* and Now aap image ko ache se ZOOM IN kare and pir water mark ko patch tool k zerye selection kare and then mouse ko hold on rakhe ker background ya image image k clear area mei aker cursor ko release kare and pir aapka watermark same area k jaisa color legi the same as it's showing in the image below!

View attachment 56164

Note: "yaad rahe watermark ko serf usay area mei aker chorna hain jeska color and shape aapke watermark portion se similitude hain, ta k same effect le ager watermark hue area se different portion pe aap release karenge then aapka editting saaf nazar ayegi so eska dehan rakna hain."

* pir same aapko sabhe water marks remove kerne hain, aapke Image mei jho main item hote hain, uske edges patch tool k saat simply clear nai huti because uske edges k different color hune k wajah se kuch effect rah jati hain jaise k below image mei aapko red stroke k zerye highlight ki hai mai ne so aise area mei aapko same background area color choose kerne hain color picker k madad se.

View attachment 56165

* ab aap color picker k zerye background color jho k white ya off white hain color pick kare.
View attachment 56166

* pir eske baad aap brush tool mei jaye!

View attachment 56167

* and aap Soft round Brush tip choose kare and then aap us area ko color kare,
brush tip size jitna aap rakna chaho raksate jho bhi edges ko easily aap color ker sake utne he mai ne 16 PX k size choose kiye.

View attachment 56168

* ab eske baad aapnay pir se face pe jho nishan hain jaise he mai ne step by step patch tool k zerye neche method show kiya hain vaise he aap continoue kerte rahe hain jub tuk k aapka work complete hujae.

1- make selection with patch tool
View attachment 56169

2- now same color area mei aap selection ko release kare,

View attachment 56170

3- And See the watermark has been vanished by patch tool :)

View attachment 56171

Apply the same method throughout the image untill you are done!

View attachment 56172

View attachment 56173

3- Result
View attachment 56175

and the same you may continoue

View attachment 56176

and when you are finish with removing the watermarks and you still see some blemishes in your image then clear them with blur tool.

View attachment 56177

and here is your image with the final result!

View attachment 56178

and first image k saath aap compare ker k dekhe the difference.

ab jub k aapke image se watermark remove kerne ka work complete hua so now open your 2nd image in photoshop!
View attachment 56179

kio k hume image ko notebook mei adjust kerna so compared to notebook humare image ka size kafi large hain so esay small bana ne k lie aap menu bar>image>image size... mei jaye.

View attachment 56180

and pixel dimensions mei width mei image ko 1024 px se 400 px kare and then press okay!

View attachment 56181

and aapka image pahlay se small hugae.
ab kio k uska white background remove kerna hain so eske lie aap Magic wand tool se background selection kare as its showing beneath!

View attachment 56182

and pir keyboard mei DELETE button ko press ker k background remove kar k transparent kare.

View attachment 56183

eske baad aap CTRL+A k zerye image ko select All ker k CTRL+C k zerye Copy kare and note book mei esay right side page per properly CTRL+V k zerye paste karni hai.
and pir Layer Palette>>mode mei aap overlay per click kare. "see the image below"

View attachment 56184

jho k aapka image overlay mode mei kuch below jaisa dekhega!

View attachment 56185

Same image layer ( jho k Layer paletter mei layer 6 k naam se hain) usko aap nay 4 times mazeed duplicate kerne hain
simply go to Layer>>Duplicate layer.

View attachment 56186

and sabse above duplicate layer k mode ko aap nay overlay se lighten mei change kerne hain as you can see in the image below!

View attachment 56187

eske baad aapko ek aur duplicate image kerne paregi 5th duplicate layer and uska mode aapko color choose kerna hain and that's all we are done with it!

View attachment 56188

ab notebook k white background ko transparent kerne hain so eslie magic wand tool k zerye aap background selection kare.

View attachment 56189

and pir keyboard mei DELETE key press ker k background remove kerday.

View attachment 56190

Image work is finished ab just poetry lines add kerne hain so let me show k urdu poetry urdu inpage mei likh ker usay photoshop mei image mei kaise add kerte hain let's start our 3rd task!

aap pahlay urdu inpage mei aapnay urdu Ashaar likhe.

View attachment 56191

pir file>>Export page mei click kare!

View attachment 56192

Export page mei click kerne se ek small window open hoga jes mei aapko Browse pe click kerni hain.

View attachment 56193

eske baad ek aur window show hugi jes mei aapko aapnay poetry lines ko koi bhi naam se save kerne hain but yaad rahe k jub aap koi bhi naam likhe uske baad .eps ka zaroor likhna hain yeh PS format file hain, jeske na likhne se aapke urdu inpage ka file photoshop mei open nai hugi,
the same jaise k below image mei poetry naam k saath mai ne .eps ka likha hain. pir save button ko click kare.

View attachment 56194

and yeh next window mei just OK button press kare jessse aapka inpage file photoshop mei open kerne k lie ready hain.

View attachment 56195

Now come to Adobe Photoshop and open your saved poetry!

View attachment 56196

eske bhi open kerne se aapko small window dekhegi jes mei Resolution default k taur per hamisha 72 px hote hain
View attachment 56197
aap simply okay ker k aapna file open kersakte hain.

View attachment 56198

Just because my image is too large so this font size is really small tu eslie mujhay poetry ko close ker k pir se re-open kerni hugi and larger font size k lie Resolution mei utmost number likhne hain so I wrote 160 px as a resolution jho mere desired image mei poetry fit hosake.

View attachment 56199

and then only writing portion ko select ker k CTRL+C copy kare.

View attachment 56200

and then aapnay designed image mei CTRL+V paste kare.

View attachment 56201

sabhe poetry lines ko paste kerne k baad unhe color add kare.
simply layer palette mei poetry k layer pe click ker k then Layer>>layer style>>color overlay mei jaye and aapnay lines color add kare.

View attachment 56202

I choose a brown color comparing to my image.

View attachment 56203

phir eske baad text ko thora sa glow add kerne hain just to lighten the borders of my poetry lines. so go to layer>>layer style>>Outer Glow

View attachment 56204

Glow window mei just edit some points.
increase the opacity from 75% to 100%
increase the size of glow from 5 to 8
in contour select the half round glow effect

View attachment 56205

now let's add onething else and that is Layer>>layer style>>inner shadow

View attachment 56207
inner shadow mei just shadow size ko 3 kare.

View attachment 56208
and your text editting is completely done.
View attachment 56210

ab dono pages k bottom mei mai ek shape add kerna chahungi which is just optional but still if you wanna know about it, you can download some floral and designed dividers in google and after having then in your adobe program simply go to brush tool and choose your brush tip.

View attachment 56211

and then put your divider in the bottom of your image and poetry lines in both pages.

View attachment 56212

eske baad aap dividers k neche aapnay dedication ya designer name whatever you wish likh sakte hain and yeh likhne k baad my design is just completed.

and sabhe work khatam hune k baad merge All layers.

and this is the final Result :)

It took me 3 hours to work today just for posting and writing this thread only umeed hain k 2 days ka work and 3 hours ka thread kessi ko help kare.
All I want is nothing else but just if my work can be helpful to even a single person there, Do remember me in you dua's. :)

@hoorain @Sky Queen @Fahadd @Don @*SHOAIB* @RedRose64 @yoursks @Dawn[DOUBLEPOST=1354384098][/DOUBLEPOST]thread ko mai ne phir review nai kiya just Iam in hurry to go but ager kahe pe koi mistake ho ya kessi ko mazeed kuch pochna ho so please indicate and point out my mistakes and ask me if there is anything you wanna know I'll be happy.



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Mar 11, 2013
@Sabah bht bht shukria itne ache tutorial ka ma aj kal seekh rahi to bht help mil gai mujhe :) aap ye bta dain k ager pic back ground ma le k text dalna ho to woh kaise hoga? means image k ope text ajaye n iamge b show ho ??
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