Olive oil for Wrinkles

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    Most people worry about ageing. One undergoes hormonal changes and one does not look like what they did before. Both men as well as women undergo physical changes of all kinds in their body system, inwardly as well as outwardly. Facial changes occur and one gets wrinkles.

    Home remedies as well as conventional treatments are available to treat wrinkles. Olive is very useful. By milling the olive fruit one can derive olive oil and then make a paste of it.

    Benefits of olive oil for skin

    • It is rich in anti-oxidants.
    • It is an anti-inflammatory.
    • Contains Vitamin E.

    How is olive good for the skin?
    • It contains oleic acid. Oleic acid happens to be fatty acid that can be soaked through the skin membrane and the skin remains supple. The skin remains health as well as smooth.
    • The anti-oxidants present in it get rid of the free- radicals which cause wrinkles.
    • It contains Vitamin E which is also good for the skin as it reduces the wrinkles.
    • Helps in blood circulation.
    • Skin has glow and looks radiant.
    How olive oil can be used to contain wrinkles?

    • Olive oil can be used for cooking purposes and thus the oil when used can also help in reducing wrinkles.
    • After steaming the massage by using bowl full of hot water and covering it with a towel, one can use massage olive.
    • Even just massaging olive oil one can fight wrinkles.

    Olive oil is good for the skin. It is beneficial to prepare food in it as such intake would help the skin to rejuvenate. Olive keeps the skin in good shape.

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