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    OKARA: A woman miscarried after being tortured by her husband and his relatives.

    Nausheen Ikram, daughter of Muhammad Ikram Arain, of Fateh Town was married to Usman Hameed of Green City three years ago. Her husband used to torture her and had expelled her from house several times. Her mother-in-law scolded her when she was preparing breakfast. Later, her husband Usman and father-in-law Abdul Hameed beat her up. Her neighbours informed her parents about the matter. Her parents reached there and took her to hospital where she miscarried. The Okara Sadr police have registered a case.

    Lawyers divide over dacoity issue

    From Our Correspondent

    OKARA: Lawyers divided into two groups over the recovery of cars and valuables taken away from the lawyers’ houses.

    On Wednesday, a group of lawyers headed by Syed Ali Abbas Gilani reached the DPO office and demanded recovery of the cars and other valuables. DPO Dr Raja Muhammad Khan was not in the office. However, the SP Investigations assured the lawyers that the cars and valuables would be recovered soon. The lawyers chanted slogans against the police and returned. Later, Ali Abbas Gilani called a meeting of the DBA at Quaid-e-Azam Hall, which was chaired by Syed Kausar Ali Shah advocate. DBA president Lala Javed Ashraf Gujjar had gone to Lahore and secretary general Mian Talat Mehmood was also not present in the meeting.

    Talat informed this correspondent that he had discussed the issue with the DPO and the D&SJ and the DPO had assured him that cars and valuables would be recovered soon. He said that he had neither received requisition for the meeting nor he was verbally informed about the meeting by the other group. He said that the same group had tried to make it an issue for the next elections. He said that the police had recovered the car of Mehr Mumtaz Sial advocate and handed it over to him. He claimed that the lawyers’ strike had no significance.

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