Hazrat Abd al-Haqq MuHaddith al-Dahlawi belief about Noor-e-Mustafa

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    Shaykhul-MuHaddithin Shaykhul-MuHaqqiqin `Abd al-Haqq MuHaddith al-Dahlawi belief about Noor-e-Mustafa (sallalahu alaihe wassalam)
    Shaykhul-MuHaddithin Shaykhul-MuHaqqiqin `Abd al-Haqq MuHaddith al-Dahlawi (d. 1052) a the great Indian hadith scholar [who also wrote Tafseer Haqqani] and who was a contemporary of Shaykh Ahmad Sirhind (who was quoted earlier). He wrote many great books and also commentaries , e.g. "Ash`atul-Lam`aat SharH Mishkaat." He states about this subject:
    "It is a reality that the first creation and the means of the creation of the worlds (`aalam) and Aadam is the light of the Holy MuHammad [​IMG] as stated in the SaHeeH (rigorously authenticated) Hadeeth: '(awwalu maakhalaqallaahu nooree) First of all Allaah created my light.'"
    Ref: `Abdul-Haqq MuHaddith Dehlwi, Madarij al-nubuwwa (in Persian), 2:2 [Maktaba al-nuriyya edition in Sakhore]

    I have reposted this because we have "muhadditheen" on this forum who say that the Hadeethi-noor is not SaHeeH. If they are humble enough to admit that they are not muHadditheen, then they should follow one, and Shaykh `Abdul-Haqq MuHaddith Dehlwee (raHmatullaahi `alay) was not only a muHaddith, but also one of the great muHaqqiqeen. I have so far quoted a dozen great scholars of Islaam on this subject and one should pause and think before saying anything against it. In fact, I personally would feal ashamed of opening my mouth against it especially if I am an ignorant person. I too did not accept this at first, but
    al-Hamdulillaah I accept it now because I understand it. I spent time with `Ulamaa' asking questions about it. Also, I do not want to separate myself from the largest body of the Ummah. Please see my early posts on this subject on the previous archive.

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    nice sharing..

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