City Education in Multan City

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    Education in Multan City
    (University, Colleges & Schools)
    Multan City Education Guide. Complete list of educational institutes in multan. Government universities colleges and schools information .And list of all important private sectors colleges and school in the city of multan.

    Public Sector University

    Bahauddin Zakariya University
    Bosan Road ,Multan.

    Nishtar Medical College Nishatar Road ,Multan.
    NFC Institute of Engineering & Technological Training Khanewal Road , Multan.
    University Of Education (Campus) Govt. Training College Multan
    National University of Modern Languages (Campus) Chowk Bahadarpur, Bosan Road, Multan
    Al-Khair University
    Gulgasht Colony, Multan.

    Preston University
    Gulgasht Colony, Multan.

    Multan Medical & Dental College Southern Bypass Road , Multan .

    Colleges in Multan

    Govt Alamdar Hussain College
    Masoom Shah Road, Multan.

    Govt Wallyat Hussian College
    Masoom Shah Road, Multan.

    Govt College of Technology
    Qasim Pur Colony ,Multan

    Govt College Civil Lines
    Police Lines, Multan.

    Govt Degree College (women)
    Kutchery Road, Multan.

    Govt. Emerson College (Bosan Road)
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Govt. College of Science
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Govt. College Of Commerce
    Qasim Pur Colony,Multan.

    Govt. College Mumtazabad(Women)
    Qasim Pur Colony,Multan.

    Govt. College Shah Rukan Alam (Women)
    Shah Rukan Alam Colony,Multan

    Govt. FG Boys Degree College Qasim Bela Road Multan.
    Govt. FG Degree College Women Sher Shah Road , Multan.
    Govt. Polytech Institute for Women Bahawalpur Road, Multan.
    Govt. Vocational Institute for Women Qasim Pur , Multan.
    Govt. Technical Training Institute, Khanewal Road, Multan
    National Textile College
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Multan Law College
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Muhammadan Law College Katchery Road , Multan
    Noor Law College
    Near Katchery Chowk, Multan.

    Nishtat College of Science Lodhhi Colony, Near MDA Chowk Multan
    Pioneer Finance College
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Punjab College of Commerce
    Chowk Rasheedabad , Multan.

    The National College
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Islamia College
    Islamia College Road, Multan.

    Allama Iqbal College
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Central College
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Gulgasht Colony, Multan.

    Multan Commerce College
    Vehari Road ,Multan

    Scholars College Bosan Road, Multan.
    Leadership College Opp.Sabzar Colony ,Bosan Road ,Multan
    KIPS College Gulgashat Colony ,Bosan Road ,Multan.
    Education Quest Near Madni Chowk, New Multan.
    Rise College Gulghashat Colony ,Bosan Road ,Multan
    Swedish Technical College Near Gild Hotel ,Multan
    Institute of Southern Punjab 31-A Gulghasht Colony, Multan

    Schools in Multan

    Beacon House School
    Bosan Road, Multan

    Bloomfield Hall School
    School Road, Multan.

    Comprehensive School
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Kehkishan Public School
    Sheer Shad Road ,Multan

    F.G Public School
    Shershah Road, Multan Cantt.

    Falcon House School
    Officers Colony, Multan.

    Lasal High School
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Lahore Grammar School
    Officers Colony, Multan.

    Model School
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Muslim High School
    L.M.Q Road, Multan.

    National Public School
    Gulgasht Colony, Multan.

    Nishat High School
    MDA Road, Multan.

    Govt Nusratul Islam High School
    Cantt ,Multan

    Pakistan Public School
    MDA Chowk, Multan.

    Govt Pilot High School
    Nawan Shaher, Multan.

    Spring Hill School
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    The British School
    Officers Colony, Multan.

    The City School
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    The Public School
    Tipu Sultan Road, Multan Cantt.

    Zakariya Public School
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Gulgasht, Multan.

    Govt M A Jinnad High School
    Qasim Pur Colony,Multan

    Govt High School Haram Gate
    Bohar Gate , Multan

    Govt High School Walayatabad
    Walyatabad No 2 ,Multan

    Govt. Model High Boys School Shamsabad Colony, Multan.
    City Central School
    Bosan Road, Multan.

    Hope Schooling System
    Shamsabad Colony, Multan.

    Um-ul-Qura Education System 29/B Lodhi Colony ,Multan

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